Spring Perambulation for Festival 2022

Spring Perambulation for Festival 2022

On 1st April (no fooling!) this year, a contingent from Royds Lodge took part in the “Spring Perambulation”. This was an 8-mile hike on and around the Malvern Hills, with the goal of raising some extra money for the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire Festival 2022.

Those brethren foolhardy enough to brave the April weather and walk the whole route included Master John Hutber, Dave Barnett and Philip Robinson. They were joined for part of the route by Charles Henderson, Philip’s wife Trish and dog Boo.

The walk started at Priory Park at 10am on the Saturday morning, and despite the awful weather of the previous few days, the rain actually held off. The section of the disused railway line was flooded and rather muddy in places though, as you will see from the photos!

The route continued via Holy Well and up to the top of the Beacon (via a cheeky stop at the Wycherley Inn), and the team arrived back at Priory Park in good fettle.

Overall the team raised an impressive £390 for the Festival. Royds Lodge and all its members offer our hearty congratulations to everyone who took part!

As a reminder, the Worcestershire 2022 Festival  is in support of the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF). Every Province is asked to host Festival every 11 years for a 5-year period of sustained effort raising funds for the MCF, and Worcestershire hosted Festival in 2017. Because of the pandemic, Festival 2022 was extended into 2023 to allow a little extra time for fundraising. It is hoped that the Province reaches its target of £2,022,000 by the time the Festival finishes later this month.

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