The Worcestershire Initiate’s Dinner

The Worcestershire Initiate’s Dinner

On 30th March 2023, the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire held an Initiate’s Dinner in the Worcester Masonic Centre at Rainbow Hill, Worcester. Invites were issued to all members who were initiated in 2022 into a member lodge of the province. 22 initiates from across the region attended the event with their partners and/or family members. From Royds Lodge, Ben Murphy – who was initiated in October 2022 – and his wife Hayley attended the event.

After an excellent tour of the rather resplendent temple – including the very unusual canopy over the Master’s chair – Ben and Hayley spent some time looking around the wonderful exhibits on display at the Masonic Library and Museum.

At 7pm all the attendees gathered in the temple for a series of talks from a variety of speakers representing the Provincial Grand Lodge, including an excellent introductory piece by the Head of Worcestershire Freemasonry, Stephen J Wyer.

Following the talks it was time to retire to the dining room. Our visitors were lucky enough to share their table with two provincial officers: Michael King and Patrick Firminger. Dinner was delicious, the wine flowed freely and so did the conversation! Patrick shared his news on the various exciting events that have taken place as part of Festival 22, but he wouldn’t let on as to whether the target has been met or not!

Overall this was an excellent opportunity for all attendees to explore the Worcester temple, museum and masonic library, and a chance for craft lodge members to meet members of the provincial lodge, and their counterparts from various other lodges around the province. A highly recommended event for all new initiates.

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    from not form in the paragraph above!
    Provincial Grand Lodge may be better with capitals – good article

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