Obituary: Revd John Christopher Guise

Obituary: Revd John Christopher Guise

This is adapted from the the eulogy to our beloved recently departed Brother John Guise,  read with great grace by John Rogers in a Lodge of Sorrow in November 2022.

The Master has asked me to speak about our beloved, recently departed Brother John Guise. The Father of the Lodge. A truly remarkable man who lived to a great age and achieved so much in his long life; in family life, in business, in local government and in later life as an Anglican Priest. Through this list the word SERVICE stands out.

He was a man of many gifts and interests which included restoring railway platform trolleys and cultivating his orchards.

John was born on 25th December 1929 and was brought up in Worcester attending the Royal Grammar School where he played very good rugby. Coming from a police family it was not surprising that after being called up for National Service he joined The Royal Military Police. He was posted to Northern Ireland and from the tales he told clearly enjoyed himself.

On demobilisation he went to Birmingham School of Pharmacy, where he met his future wife Brenda – who was in the year ahead of him (something she was wont to remind him of).

After training he joined Boots rising to be Manager of the Malvern branch after which he and Brenda took over their own Pharmacy in Malvern Link running it very successfully for more than 25 years before retirement in 1991.

Meanwhile he had been initiated into Royds Lodge on 18th November 1954 – 68 years ago tomorrow – he was Master from 1965-66 and received Provincial honours in 1970, he was appointed Provincial Grand Chaplain in 1986 serving in that appointment until 1997 and was appointed Past Assistant Grand Chaplain in 1999 a rank he also held in Mark Masonry.

John was active in local government serving as a councillor for 38 years and in 1977 he was chairman of Malvern Hills District Council.

He started training for the Anglican Ministry in 1980 being ordained Deacon in 1983 and Priest in 1984 serving the parishes to the North of Malvern.

John and Brenda had a long and happy marriage, a family of 4 children and many grand and great grandchildren.  John died on 30th September 2022 a year after Brenda died and it was fitting that their lives were celebrated together in a joint memorial service on 30th November at Broadwas Church Worcestershire.

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